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Ever the dynamic and ambitious spirit, Nora has created and launched dozens of projects in a variety of formats. Below, you can find a sampling of work she is currently involved in and what gives her most pride, including the skills and creations she is flogging across Europe and the world. Feel free to get in touch via the contact page with any questions or follow ups. 

The Odd Couple

Tag Out Improv Theatre focuses on English improvisational theatre and comedy in Amsterdam, aiming to be a welcoming destination for players, students and fans alike! As its co-founder and executive director, Nora is passionate about producing shows, creating performance and training opportunities, and strengthening the Amsterdam improv community.

The Amsterdam Improv Marathon is a 12-hour long improv theater and comedy show, featuring groups from Amsterdam, across the Netherlands and beyond. Nora is the co-founder, and executive and creative producer. Second edition coming 19 May 2018.

Master of Ceremonies

Nora is a charismatic emcee, who isn't afraid to engage the audience. She has hosted events ranging from improv comedy open jams in bar back rooms to awards ceremonies in 500-seat theaters. Adaptable and consistently whip smart, Nora would love to host your next event and create an atmosphere on stage that the audience can't resist. Get in touch through the contact page.

Nora got her start in stand up comedy in London, playing and pub line-up she could. Now based in Amsterdam, she performs in both English and Dutch all around Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Dry and sarcastic, she blends her American and European identities to produce sharp, self-depreciating humour that audiences of any nationality can appreciate.

Developed by Nora McLeese in 2017, this long form improv format features two or more real life couples play a show together. However, each pairing is restricted by the rule that they are not allowed on stage at the same time as their partners. Their off-stage relationships are flipped and the challenge drives game and fun in each scene. The international premiere of this format will take place at the Copenhagen International Improv Festival 2018.

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