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"An interesting writer and industrious producer of shows."

- Courtney Trumbull, Phoenix Improv Festival management

"A dedicated and brilliant artist [...] she is incredibly supportive and works tirelessly to make her fellow players feel like stars!"

- Isaac Simon, Tag Out Theatre Artistic Director

"Logistics supremo who [brings] it all together with efficiency, tact and imaginative solutions"

-Prof. dr. Murray Pratt, Amsterdam University College Dean

Nora McLeese is a writer, researcher, improviser, and producer based in Amsterdam.


She is the co-founder and executive director of Tag Out Theatre, executive producer of the Amsterdam Improv Marathon, and tours the Netherlands and Europe as an emcee and performer. You may have seen her all-female action hero improv team, the Ferocious Four, her signature improv format, The Odd Couple, or her sardonic stand up shows.

Nora has written features for arts and culture magazines, including Less Common More Sense, The Book and Curio. She currently works in communications for Amsterdam University College and is available as a writer, copy editor and native English translator. She loves finding copy errors out in the real world and cannot resist a good metaphor.

She is passionate about performing, producing live events — especially comedy and theatre — and content creation. Professionally, she has worked in communications and content management for start-ups, universities and government agencies. She also has a journalism background and academic research background.

You can download her CV here or check out her projects page on this site for more.

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